Saturday, October 3, 2009

Casa Cecilia

Sept 30, 2009 -- ate at Casa Cecilia in Taal, Batangas...

I guess this is one of the few fine dining and yet cheap resto/hotel in the province. When you go to Taal, i am suggesting this place for its elegance and affordability. Enjoy!

Food - Really good. 5 stars from me ;p
--- suggest that you try tawilis and maliputo which can only be found in the lake of Taal
--- that night we ordered the softest pork meet and crunchiest crispy pata that i've ever tasted.. haha para nga Oishi Marty's yung skin... ang lutong! we also had crispy crablets, chicken teriyaki and chopsuey ;)

Ambiance - cozy and homy

Service - fast, accurate and friendly

Parking is a little bit crowded since there's a nearby hospital with limited space that's why doctors tend to go here.

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